February 16, 2012

Fluffy Yogurt Mousse

I'm so glad that I can share this recipe. I thought I might be talented because I'd come up with this pretty darn nice recipe with only one attempt! Wow that's too exaggerated! This yogurt mousse, I made this time, may not as great as I'm very proud of, but really happy with how it came out. Fluffy and so light, it will immediately melt away in your mouth! I usually use whipped heavy cream for making mousse, but I omitted it this time. That made the mousse a quite healthy dessert, which is also why I like this recipe. Tasty yogurt, your favorite sugar, and gelatin for forming, that's all the recipe calls for! Although I added strawberry and Iyokan sauce to mine to jazz up after refrigerating, this yogurt mousse is good even without extra flavors to add.

Very simple yogurt mousse recipe --- Yields 6 - 7 cups
3 cups (600ml) plain yogurt -- 2 and 1/2 American cups
6 tablespoons of your favorite sugar, adjust to suit your taste
1 and 2/3 tablespoons powdered gelatin
5 tablespoons water (for the gelatin)

First, place yogurt in a mixing bowl, and leave at room temperature for a while. (I used homemade one made with soy, regular milk half and half.)

Prepare gelatin and sugar. Pour water in a small bowl and stir in powdered gelatin. Then place the bowl of the watered gelatin in a bit of hot water and leave it until completely melted. (I used sugarcane raw sugar.)

Whisk the sugar and the melted gelatin into the yogurt.

Cool the bowl of the yogurt mix in ice water stirring slowly until thickened. Then keep cooling and whip with an electric mixer until the mix is airy.

Spoon it into cups, then refrigerate for more than an hour or until the mix is formed.

Isn't it super uber easy to make? Give it a go!!