March 22, 2012

Marble Brandy Cake

I have no idea how many people I have said goodbye to, this year. But I never say sayonara. I just send the word, thank you so much, *hontouni arigatou*... with a bit of homemade sweets. This is the second batch we made to send people we may not have a chance to see anymore, who we know that we will really miss.


I added plenty of butter and some brandy to sponge cake batter so this cake came out soft, rich and moist. I sure hope they like it.


I love the moment to package what I made. It's definitely an exciting time!


It's nice to get to find cute and cheap packaging goods.


It's always sad to have to leave someone nice and supportive. Even so, I am so lucky to have met you.


March 12, 2012

Lemon Muffins

Lemon Muffin
I made lemon muffins. They were good but I'm not really happy with the recipe. It seems like I need to perfect it to post next time.

Baby Woolly is also making his muffins using enough-ripe bananas.

The muffins are done!

Time for taste test! But...

Someone is peeking through the window!

"No worries, I have enough muffins to share with you guys."

Another visitor!

Let's get the party started!

March 07, 2012

Chiffon Cupcakes

I made some cupcakes for Girls' Day with chiffon cake batter and pure heavy cream, which is my fave combo. Pure whipped cream is a bit harder to handle than butter cream or other frostings are, but there is nothing better than it.

Chiffon cake batter is one of incredibly easy/quick-to-make cake batters.

It is a bit sad to look at the way they deflated, but it's probably a sign of the fluffiness and delicate texture of chiffon cake!

I made puree from fresh strawberries and added it to part of the heavy cream.


In the meantime, Yuppi made her cupcakes with muffin batter and the same cream as mine.

Yuppi's cake
Ummm these photos are obviously showing our personality. She loves piping cream and I hate it lol!