February 01, 2012

How To Make Yogurt

Now it's finally time to write my yogurt recipe! If you search on the Internet you can find so many certain and detailed instructions for making yogurt. So here, I'll write my own method which is rather simpler and rougher than common ways. Homemade yogurt is so easy to make and tastes so good that it's definitely worth making it yourself, here we go!!

First of all, needless to say, you need to use clean tools because yogurt is delicate. And use tasty milk or soy milk to get a good result, especially the flavor of soy milk directly reflects on taste of yogurt. I tried using some kinds of milk so far -- soy, non-fat, low-fat, whole. All of them went well and I learned that every kind of milk could become yogurt. To be honest, the taste of the 100%-soymilk yogurt was not my kind so I like to add some normal milk or powdered milk to soy milk. This time I added skim milk powder, but you could use any kind of milk you like. It's preferable to use at least more than 4 cups of milk (or soy milk) in total to keep it warm while fermenting.

Homemade yogurt ingredients
5 cups of your favorite milk or soy milk (about 4 cups by American cup), preferably fresh-opened
2 - 3 tablespoons plain yogurt with active live cultures as a starter
2 - 3 powdered milk (option)

Heat milk in a pot (or a double boiler) over medium low heat until the temperature of the milk is a bit hotter than bathwater is -- about 45ºC or 113ºF. Be careful not to overheat it (milk easily scorches and boils over, and yogurt bacteria will die above 50ºC).

Whisk yogurt (and option) into the warmed milk and mix well. Then pour it into a clean large container.

Cover the container fastly in 2 aluminum cooler bags, then rest it for 5 - 6 hours in a warm room.

By the way, to keep milk warm, I always use aluminum cooler bags that came along with ice cream, which are very useful. I think a small blanket or a bath towel also works instead of cooler bags. Of course you could use a fishing cooler box like common methods.

Ta daaahh! Here is the finished product, which was already done after 5-hour resting.

Don't freak out no matter if your soy milk yogurt turns out just like silky tofu! I did a bit though haha! Soy yogurt is more curdy than normal ones. I say again, *Never put on soy sauce and negi!!*

This one is what I made using normal whole milk the day before I made the soy yogurt above. It is smoother and stickier than the soy yogurt. They are both really tasty.

I currently love my own yogurt with raw sugar.

Note: There might be some occasions where your yogurt doesn't go well depending on your starter yogurt or temperature control. In that case, you could use it for making smoothie, pancakes, cottage cheese etc.


  1. So good and easy to make recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Julie! It's my pleasure. I hope the recipe is helpful to try :)

  2. How fresh and delightful, and your photos bring cute artistic flair to the yogurt making process!

    1. Aw thanks sweetie! I'm glad you came here :) That comment is encouraging to keep photographing and posting!