November 07, 2011

Soy Cow Milk Yogurt

This is the first time I've made soymilk-mixed yogurt. As I mentioned earlier, I'm into yogurt-making these days. A huge yogurt hunter lives in my house, and I noticed that the batches I'd made recently were way much better than store-bought ones! That's why I've been on a yogurt kick lately. Though I used to make yogurt myself way back, even made natto by the way, I didn't think I loved yogurt so much. You can find some certain methods if you google. Mine is rather rough, and I ferment milk at lower temperature than the general one. That makes yogurt creamier, a bit sticky and less sour. I guess it's somewhat close to Caspian sea yogurt. And I thought I wanted my yogurt more healthy (I wanted to eat a lot everday lol) so I tried using soy milk for the first time. Since I didn't have the courage to make 100% soy yogurt, used both half and half. It turned out much better than I thought it would be. It has a bit of soy flavor, which makes it more delicate in taste. I love to eat it with mango jam, which has been my daily dessert. I'm currently loving both of this soy/cow milk yogurt and whole fat one. Hopefully I will write my method next time.

homemade soy/cow milk yogurt


homemade soy/cow milk yogurt with mango jam. oishiiii