November 04, 2011

Second No-knead Bread and First Hummus

I baked no-knead bread again. This time I used mini loaf pans. I'm pretty sure through the two experience, I can make decent bread without kneading. First I mixed ingredients, then kept it in the fridge overnight. Time forms gluten instead of kneading. Then I rose the dough, then baked. But I'm still not totally happy with my own recipe to share.

second no-knead bread

second no-knead bread-2

second no-knead bread-3

In the meantime, I made this weird food. Guess what it is. Don't say it's yukky. It's HUMMUS! I made it for the first time! But I didn't have chick peas or sesame paste, plus I had plenty of black soy beans instead. Yes, I used them for hummus. I'm not sure if it can count as hummus though haha! It looks like liver paste, don't you think so? It's actually a bit similar in taste. I mixed all together boiled black soy beans, olive oil, lemon juice, sesame seeds, salt, chili pepper, garlic powder and oregano in the food processor. So my old food processor couldn't a good job. The cutter is too blunt to smooth soy beans and sesame seeds.