October 26, 2011

Strawberry Tarts

These are tarts we made months ago but I've been craving it lately so I had to post it on this new blog. The cream is diplomat cream. I think it's the best cream for sweets on earth. The strawberry season will come here in a couple months, I'm looking forward to making this tarts again. Not sure when I get off my butt though. At least now I'm coming up with a new recipe for a bit crumblier tart shell. We'll see.


Strawberry Tarts

Here you are!

October 23, 2011

Madeleine Cake and Cake Parfait

Yuppi made a birthday cake for her friend yesterday. She worked hard on it from scratch and the cake turned out cute. So she is happy and proud of it. Since the cake base is made from madeleine batter, this cake is moist and so rich! We plan to make the same cake again for Christmas or something.


I made cake parfait using odds and ends from the birthday cake.

One of them is going to be my breakfast soon. Tea or coffee, which would you like?

October 02, 2011

Purple Sweet Potato Dango

I tried adding a little of mashed purple sweet potato in dumpling dough because the purple sweet potato was so pretty in color.

purple sweet potato dango-2

I love to eat dango with sweet sesame paste but it was a pain to make it so I put brown sugar syrup and kinako (soy flower) on them.

Purple Sweet Potato Dango